• Truck Full of Dead Bodies was the original title for the film.  Everyone liked this title, it was catchy. But in the end we felt this film was always a love story, albeit it a preposterous one, and thought it best to lead with the idea of love rather than death.  Thank you Lenny Beckerman.
  • The film was initially written to take place at night in a remote field. Jeffrey felt that setting the story during daytime and in the middle of a mall parking lot would give the film a more desperate tone allowing Pete’s actions to play that much more ludicrous. 
  • The script initially opened with Pete asking Allison to marry him.  Jeffrey suggested that was too abrupt and asked to add the public and raw sex scene as an opener. And Producer Rob then suggested the awkward condom toss that would later pay off in the security guard scene.  
  • There was repeated contestation about seeing Pete with a black eye or stitches, and only after the flashback fight scene with Allison’s husband, would we learn that’s how Pete came to sport the shiner. Obviously we didn’t go this way, but as I write, I think it would have added more something fun to the story and maybe help viewers to sympathize with Pete’s shortcomings.
  • Rather than just hear Pete and Allison speak of their lustful high school dance, we said lets see the initial sparks of this misguided romance fifteen years earlier. Mirror ball and cheesy prom music always delivers.
  • Nothing happens in life without unforeseen complicating factors. And so the security guard scene was added to show that you’re never truly alone and that if it weren’t for the condom on the ground the security guard might have stayed longer and that would be trouble. Lesson learned, use a condom.
  • Originally the film was to end with Allison agreeing to Pete’s wildly flawed proposal and the two of them driving off into the horizon for a questionable future together. After much discussion and a dozen different ending ideas, we landed on this one where one of the dead bodies starts rustling—not quite dead yet. With Allison’s terrorized eyes staring at him, Pete mans up and finishes the job.  It’s here, as Pete goes full throttle on the unseen life before him, that we witness Allison, up to this point skeptical about sharing a life together with Pete, smile her consent to join her flawed but adoring Pete to a life together.

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